How long does it take to detox from meth?

Your detox process will depend on the extent of your previous substance abuse as well as your health history. Detox typically lasts anywhere between three and 10 days. The most important thing is that your health is monitored in a safe environment throughout this...

Can meth kill you?

Unfortunately, many people die as a result of crystal meth overdose. This has been even more common since the start of 2021. The only way to protect yourself from these risks is to find professional treatment for addiction or any mental health complications that could...

Why is meth so addictive?

The reason why meth is so addictive is because it encourages the production of dopamine in your brain. This chemical makes people feel positive, as though they are being physically and emotionally rewarded for using it. After using meth, you might experience severe...

Is crystal meth addictive?

Yes—crystal meth is one of the most commonly used addictive substances in the United States. Studies show that over 1.5 million people use crystal meth each year.
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