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The Woods at Parkside has been treating the disease of addiction for over 20 years, consistently providing researched-based mental health and addiction counseling to our patients. Our number one goal is to provide a platform for our clients to begin the process of improving their lives. We do this by creating an environment where individuals can focus on regaining their mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Our facility in Gahanna, Ohio is comprised of 50 residential beds offering Detox Services, Residential Programming, Partial Programming, and Intensive Outpatient Programming. As each client begins their journey with us, they are met with a fully educated staff that includes Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Therapists, Licensed Chemical Dependency Therapists and Recreational Therapists.

The Woods at Parkside Behavioral Health

Our daily curriculum includes psychotherapy groups, gender groups, age-specific groups, art therapy, music therapy, and recreational therapy. The Woods at Parkside provides well-rounded services that focus not only on healing addiction, but also on helping each client regain normalcy in their everyday lives. In addition to the structured programming we offer our clients, we also provide weekly educational groups for loved ones. We believe including family in the recovery process is integral, and we involve them by providing education and resources as part of a client’s treatment.

The Woods at Parkside has spent years successfully treating individuals suffering from the disease of addiction. It is our mission to rebuild society through the education and treatment of all individuals involved in this deadly disease.

If you have any remaining questions regarding our facility or amenities, please do not hesitate to call us at (419) 452-4818.

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