From the dark web to social media, teens and adults alike are finding creative ways to buy illegal drugs online. The process is often quick, easy, and seems risk-free. However, this route to illegal drugs can be quite dangerous to both your health and your freedom. Here’s how it works and why you should think hard before you decide to pursue a drug purchase online.

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Why People Are Flocking to Online Drug Sale Sites

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Buying illegal drugs online can be tempting. Teens see it as an easy, risk-free way to get the drugs they want. After all, they don’t have to go to any physical places where they might encounter dangerous people, situations, or police interference with their plans. Adults also buy drugs online for this reason. However, many choose online drug purchases for prescription medications or illegal substances for other reasons. It may seem quicker, cheaper in some cases, and more private than picking up a med at a pharmacy.

Buying Illegal Drugs Online

Buying illegal drugs online seems to many people of all ages to be a convenient way to acquire drugs they think will make them feel better. While you may hear people proclaiming that online drug purchases are the best option, it may not work out the way you hope it will. Consider how the process works and what you get for your money.

Why People Think Buying Illegal Drugs Online Is Safer

Street drugs, despite common myths, are not as easy to get in person as one might think. Certainly, there are drug dealers in every city and even in many schools across the country. However, doing this kind of in-person drug deal can come with many risks and dangers. It’s too easy to get arrested. Plus, it’s too easy to be exposed as someone who takes drugs, which could threaten your job, your education, or your relationships.

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In comparison, buying illegal drugs online may sound like a good idea. It seems to eliminate many of the risks of making an in-person purchase. However, the truth is that this expectation of a safer purchase is nothing but an illusion. One problem is that you might not get what is promised. Remember that using the wrong kind or amount of drugs could cause anything from meth psychosis to overdose and death. Even if you survive, you might feel no better and possibly much worse than you do now.

How People Buy Drugs They Want Without Leaving Home

Buying illegal drugs online may be easy, but it is never really safe. Yet, despite the dangers, people do tend to find out where to get drugs online if they are motivated to do so. How?

Often, these sales happen on the dark web, also called the darknet. A drug marketplace where sellers trade in illegal substances can quickly generate millions in sales. Although Silk Road, one of the biggest drug marketplaces, was shut down by federal agencies, there are always other sites on the dark web where you could make these shady deals.

People sometimes find out where to get drugs online in a very innocent way. They may be searching for something online, and suddenly a pop-up flashes onto the screen. They may get a scam email or a message on social media offering them a great deal and easy purchase of online drugs. It’s common for the first pop-up or message to be vague, but eventually, the seller gets to the point.

What It’s Like to Buy Drugs on the Dark Web

You can buy drugs of any sort on the dark web. In order to access the dark web, you have to have special software or authorization to use that hidden section of the web. These sites often require you to use cryptocurrencies to make the process less traceable for them. Then, they sell you the drug you request and send it to you in an unmarked package. Inside, you may find methamphetamine, stimulants, cocaine, unprescribed Xanax, weed, or essentially any drug you want and for which you can pay the price they demand.

Buying drugs on social media is an easily accessible way to get drugs online. In today’s social media culture, drug use is not only commonly accepted but often even praised. The general attitude seems to be that everyone is having a good time, and you are a loser if you don’t join in. This encourages many teens and even adults to order drugs online through social media. Drugs have been sold through hidden social media groups, for example. Although drug deals are not allowed on reputable social media sites, drug sellers find ways to do it. Often, the members recruit others on social sites to join their hidden group, where they can buy drugs undetected by the social site’s administrators.

Is It Illegal to Buy Prescription Drugs Online?

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There are many prescription drug sites that appear completely legitimate. They offer medications that range from Viagra to steroids to mental health meds. It seems perfectly fine to many people to buy drugs on these sites. Most of these sites do not require much from you other than money. They may ask you to fill out a questionnaire before you get a prescription. That’s just a formality, though. There’s really little to no chance that the drug company won’t give you what you ask them to prescribe.

So, What’s Wrong with That?

Although this process of buying prescription drugs online seems easy and safe, there are dangers. In fact, the DEA outlines the reasons buying prescription drugs online is dangerous. First, they warn that many of these sites are sending drugs from other countries. However, importing drugs into the United States is a felony. This includes prescription drugs. So, you could make a quick transaction, thinking you are doing nothing wrong, and find yourself with a criminal record.

Even worse, although your question might be about how to buy Xanax on the darknet, what often happens is that the Xanax or whatever drug you request is not what it seems at all when you receive it. The label may say Xanax, but you have no way of knowing if that is really what it is.

Can You Still Buy Drugs Online?

Regardless of the physical and legal dangers of buying medications online, there are safe ways to buy drugs online. This process requires the following things to be true.

  1. You must have a valid prescription from a qualified doctor.
  2. The pharmacy must be licensed and located in the United States.
  3. A pharmacist should be available to answer questions.

In short, the only way of legally and safely buying drugs online is to get the prescription from a doctor you know and buy it from a licensed U.S. pharmacy. Many people take this route by having their prescription drugs delivered by a mail-in pharmacy located in the United States. However, this type of drug sale is not what people usually mean when they ask about buying drugs online. Certainly, it is not what they mean by buying illegal drugs online.

Could You Get Arrested for Buying Illegal Drugs Online?

If you are wondering, can you get arrested for buying drugs online, the answer is yes. Unless you have a valid prescription, buying drugs online can land you in jail. At that point, you will be looking at having a criminal record and all the other consequences that follow from being incarcerated.

Physical Harm from Buying Illegal Drugs Online or In Person

Not only is buying illegal drugs online a threat to your freedom and good name, but the practice can turn into a dangerous or even life-threatening mistake. For one thing, the drugs may not be what they say they are, they may be expired, or they may have no directions about how and when to take them. Also, you’re unlikely to get any warnings or notice of side effects as you would from a United States pharmacy. Buying these drugs online can get you in trouble or lead to an overdose, and there are other alternatives.

Be mindful that if you or your teen is buying illegal drugs online, chances are they have a mental health or medical problem that needs a different type of attention. They may consider buying psychedelics online because they have heard it might benefit them. Or they might buy unprescribed opioids to deal with severe pain. Unfortunately, without medical supervision, things can quickly become scary. Any mind-altering drug can have serious consequences on brain health. Those results are often long-term or dangerous.

Get Help with Drug-Related Issues

If you are considering buying illegal drugs online, chances are you have a mental health or medical problem that would improve more if you had the right kind of care. In addition, you may be developing a drug problem. The good news is that, whether you need prescription drug detox or help with recovering from an addiction to illegal substances, you can find the help you need.

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