Overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol may feel like an uphill battle at times. However, due to the increasing toxicity in today’s black market drug supply, there has never been a better time to get sober. If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired from the cycle of drug abuse, Ohio addiction treatment can assist you in overcoming addiction.

Addiction rates are seeing record numbers in post-pandemic Ohio. Sadly, drug overdoses soared in Ohio and the United States at large as residents succumbed to the stressors brought on by the Coronavirus. The result is a population conditioned to drug and alcohol use to relieve stress. Unfortunately, while you’re in the heart of addiction, your brain is wired to keep using. However, evidence-based processes that are proven to help you quit using drugs are available through addiction treatment. And with a bit of planning, you can set yourself up for a life without substance abuse.

Preparing for Sobriety

Preparing for Sobriety & Overcoming Addiction

If you need emergency treatment, enrolling in addiction treatment immediately is warranted. However, if you have enough time to plan ahead, consider the following steps to overcoming addiction.

Make the Decision to Stop Using Drugs or Alcohol

While this step may seem obvious, there is a difference between wanting to stop drinking or drug use and making the decision to quit. Mentally preparing yourself for working through the detox process and committing to addiction treatment requires intention, and making the decision to stop is the initial step.

In a similar fashion, you can prepare your environment for overcoming addiction by reducing environmental triggers. For example, removing any alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia from your reach is a great start. In this way, you will put an obstacle in your path in case a craving strikes. Ideally, this hindrance will buy you enough time to let the urge pass.

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Remember Why You’re Overcoming Addiction

Confidence in yourself and your reasons for quitting can be intensely powerful. Writing down your reasons for wanting to quit drinking or drug use can come in handy when you’re overcoming addiction. Each person’s “why’s” are personal, but can include things like:

  • Improving health
  • Becoming more present with family
  • Saving money
  • Repairing relationships

Whatever your reasons are for sobriety, by embracing them and referring to them often you solidify your conviction in staying sober.

Commit to Professional Addiction Treatment

Quit Drugs

While quitting cold turkey at home may sound tempting, this method can be far more challenging than committing to addiction treatment in a drug rehab facility. This is because when you quit drugs at home, you are largely on your own to tackle the hurdles that come with quitting substance use. Obstacles to getting sober include detox and withdrawal symptoms, drug cravings, and triggers. Without preparing for these occurrences, the road ahead can be unnecessarily challenging.

In contrast, addiction treatment incorporates a whole person approach to addiction. This means that not only will you cleanse your body of drug-related toxins, but you will also dive deep into the root of the addiction. In this way, you can assess why you were compelled to use in the first place. In addition, your relationships and environment will be taken into consideration to ensure all angles are considered.

Perhaps most importantly, addiction treatment will give you the tools to get through the first few weeks, months, and years of sobriety. It is during this time that relapse is most frequently experienced.

Plan for a New Normal Without Substance Use

Committing to a life without substance use requires some rearranging. For example, you may have to avoid situations that are going to deliver temptation. In fact, you may come to realize that many of your friends were people that you didn’t have anything in common with outside of drug use. Therefore, seeking out new relationships that don’t center around substance use may be necessary.

Embarking on new hobbies is a good way to stay busy and away from old patterns. Exercising, volunteering, or following your spiritual path are all ways to stay busy as you adjust to filling your time without using substances.

Understand that Relapse Does Not Equal Failure

In a perfect world, when you decide to quit drinking or drug use you simply quit and move on with your life. However, in reality, addiction is tricky. Just when you think you have gotten the hang of sobriety, a trigger can come along and result in a relapse. Rest assured that this is normal and expected. The best thing to do in the face of relapse is to use it as a learning experience and to move forward with sobriety. It does not mean that you failed, and it should not be used as a reason to through your hard-earned sobriety out the window. The path to sobriety is rarely linear.

Addiction Treatment Near Columbus, Ohio

Overcoming addiction can be difficult. However, even the most persistent addictions can be broken. At The Woods at Parkside, our treatment center offers a multitude of addiction programs best suit your individual needs. A few of the programs offered at The Woods at Parkside include:

The best addiction treatment program for you will depend on your individual circumstances. Regardless of which program is chosen, The Woods at Parkside can see you through overcoming addiction and help secure a future without drug use.

If you have questions about our treatment options, give us a call today at 419-452-4818. Alternatively, you can also contact us online using our confidential contact form. Whichever way you choose, The Woods at Parkside can help you start your recovery today.

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