Depending on what you do after you use meth, a relapse might be a little slip-up or a terrible setback. When you start using methamphetamine again after a time of abstinence, it’s known as a meth relapse. It can happen even following successful meth detox in Ohio and rehabilitation.    

Relapse happens in roughly 80% of recovered users between seven and 10 months after completing crystal meth treatment, according to multiple studies. It is up to the person whether a relapse leads to a full-fledged return to crystal meth addiction or is only a momentary setback on the road to recovery. Are you ready for it?  

What Is a Meth Relapse and How Does It Happen?  

What Is a Meth Relapse

Common Causes of Crystal Meth Relapse 

  • Stress. When confronted with stressful situations, many people relapse. They may have previously used crystal meth or other drugs to cope with stress and may do so again if they have not established other coping mechanisms. 
  • There isn’t a preventative strategy in place. When confronted with circumstances that endanger their sobriety, people who do not have a strategy to cope with triggers, cravings, and other obstacles of recovery are more likely to relapse.  
  • After a time of abstinence, believing it is “safe” to use again. People in crystal meth recovery sometimes assume they can manage their usage or want to “test” themselves to see if they can use without relapsing into the addiction. However, only a small percentage of addicts are capable of doing so. 
  • Being in the company of others who are still using the substance or who aren’t encouraging your recovery. If you continue to hang out with drug users, you will be faced with significant temptations to relapse, either from your friends or through being exposed to drugs on a daily basis. Spending time with other people in recovery and people who support your recovery, on the other hand, may help you stay clean. 

Steps to Avoid Relapse from Crystal Meth Addiction  

In the long run, crystal meth addiction is one of the hardest addictions to overcome. Follow these 10 success tactics to help you avoid a crystal meth addiction relapse:  

Make Being Drug-free a Key Concern     

The quality of your life depends on your ability to recover from your crystal meth addiction. It affects everything you value in life: family, friends, profession, and so on. Make it happen by doing whatever it takes. 

Make a Life Plan That Includes Everything You Want to Achieve 

You now have the chance to pursue your aspirations now that crystal meth is no longer the center of everyday existence. Create a rehabilitation plan for yourself and focus on each tiny step that you need to take in order to reach where you want to go, whether that means spending more time with your children, returning to school, finding a new career, or participating in a sport or new activity. 

Participate in an Aftercare Treatment  

After crystal meth rehab, whether you select addiction counselling, group therapy, personal therapy, 12-Step fellowship meetings, or outpatient addiction treatment, make sure you stay active in anything that will help you stay committed to your recovery. 

Develop a Setback Prevention Plan   

If you can’t escape temptation, plan ahead of time where you’ll go, who you’ll call, and what you’ll do to avoid relapse. If you don’t have a clear battle strategy, you’re more likely to give in to temptation and relapse. 

Stay Away from Anything That Reminds You of Drug Consumption 


These factors can function as a trigger to relapsing if you used to get high with certain individuals, in a specific bar’s restroom, or before doing a specific activity. Avoid those individuals, places, and circumstances as much as possible. Make new, healthier habits and activities a part of your life.  

Exercise, Eat Well, and Get Enough of Rest   

Take good care of yourself. Maintain a healthy weight, eat healthily, and think optimistically. Also, get adequate sleep; the healing effect of sleep is vastly underestimated. You’ll be more inclined to make wise decisions, such as staying drug-free, if you’re feeling strong and healthy. 

Take Care of Yourself on a Spiritual Level 

You have many diverse aspects of yourself. When you’re no longer preoccupied with drugs and getting high, you can devote more time to exploring your spiritual side. 

Avoid Using Whatever You Don’t Desire to Use 

In the early stages of recovery, the rule of never touching or possessing an illegal drug or alcoholic beverage is beneficial. Staying clean after a crystal meth addiction also entails abstaining from alcohol and other addictive substances. Any substance that affects rational cognition might lead to relapse. 

Make New Friends in Recovery 

Find friends who are not only supportive of your new drug-free lifestyle, but who are also actively working to achieve their own sobriety. Maybe they’re a part of your 12-step program. When you’re feeling tempted to relapse, you may reach out to these folks for help. They can empathize with what you’re going through, offer encouragement when you need it, and remind you of the things that have gotten you this far. 

Celebrate Your Accomplishments 

Celebrate the great things that happen in your life throughout recovery and appreciate everything that you have gained by quitting crystal meth, whether it’s avoiding a relapse or marking a sober “birthday” milestone. 

Getting Back into Treatment

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Return to therapy or locate a program right now. A relapse might seem like a huge step backwards. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There’s always something new to learn, even if you’ve gone to a crystal meth detox or residential recovery program previously. You can start to mend the difficulties that have been caused or returned as a result of this relapse by figuring out methods and tactics for the next time. 

Are You Looking for a Meth Detox in Ohio? 

Allow yourself to be proud of the measures you’ve already taken toward recovery, even if it’s only checking this information on the internet. You’ll be able to overcome this relapse.  

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