Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Columbus, Ohio

The journey to overcome substance abuse presents many challenges. Fortunately, you don’t have to face them alone. By reaching out to a drug addiction treatment center for professional support, you can equip yourself with the best tools to recover from addiction and achieve long-term sobriety.

The Woods at Parkside is a mental health and addiction treatment center that promotes recovery through compassion, respect, and evidence-based treatment modules. Moreover, we offer an assortment of treatment services to suit a wide variety of needs. To determine which program would fit your needs the best, continue reading below.

When to Contact a Drug Addiction Treatment Center

When to Contact a Drug Addiction Treatment Center

How do you know it’s time to reach out to a drug addiction treatment center? There’s a reason many people claim that acknowledging a problem is the first step to overcoming it. Some individuals struggle to identify their own addiction, so knowing what red flags to look for can help them feel more confident in their decision to seek help.

First, consider your overall substance use and which drugs you encounter most often. An effective drug addiction treatment center can help someone recover from the misuse of a variety of substances, including:

If you suspect your relationship with any of the above substances is causing you difficulties in day-to-day life, it may be time to seek professional help from a drug addiction treatment center. Such difficulties can include physical symptoms, deteriorating mental health, and social ramifications.

There are other signs you may benefit from professional treatment for drug addiction as well, such as:

  • Using deceitful speech or behaviors regarding substance use
  • Needing to take higher doses to experience the same effect
  • Wanting to quit taking a drug but being unable to
  • Dedicating most time to buying, using, or recovering from the effects of a drug
  • Spending a large amount of money on a substance
  • Frequent urges or cravings for a drug
  • Continuing to use a drug despite being aware of the problems it causes

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Our drug addiction treatment center offers a variety of programs to ensure our patients can receive the best possible care no matter their situation. Some patients will even participate in more than one of the programs below. Starting with detox and carrying through outpatient treatment, we pride ourselves on providing a full, effective continuum of care.

Medical Detox

When someone first arrives at our drug addiction treatment center, they may enroll in our medical detox program to confront the physical aspect of addiction. Substance use disorder often goes hand-in-hand with drug dependence, meaning that a person’s body is physically reliant on a certain substance.

As a result, when someone stops using a drug they’re addicted to, they experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms in the aftermath. Our medical detox program pairs individuals with a specialized detox team that can help them manage said symptoms safely over the course of three to ten days.

Withdrawal is unlikely to be an entirely comfortable experience, but thanks to the 24/7 medical supervision of our trained professionals, symptoms are minimized as much as possible. We prioritize patient safety and comfort during detox to give them the smoothest start to addiction recovery.

Residential Drug Addiction Treatment

After the successful completion of detox, many patients go on to enroll in one of our inpatient rehab programs. Also known as residential treatment, these programs offer the highest level of care available at our drug addiction treatment center. Patients live on-site for the duration of treatment and participate in meaningful therapeutic exercises every day.

Residential treatment can last up to 45 days. During this time, patients engage in an assortment of evidence-based treatment modalities designed to help them overcome addiction. We take a positive approach to recovery and teach our patients vital coping skills they can utilize for the rest of their lives.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

While people may go to a drug addiction treatment center with the intention of recovering from addiction, some people need help with more than that. For instance, as many as half of the individuals with substance use disorders also live with co-occurring disorders, like depression or anxiety, at the same time.

People with co-occurring disorders benefit the most from our dual diagnosis program. This treatment program focuses on providing mental health care that targets all of a person’s conditions simultaneously. While patients still learn coping skills to help with their addiction, they also discover ways to manage their mental health conditions in healthier ways.

If someone with co-occurring disorders does not seek dual diagnosis treatment, they risk worsening their symptoms later. This is because symptoms of addiction and other mental illnesses often feed into each other. In other words, even if someone receives treatment for addiction, their symptoms may re-emerge later if they do not also treat their co-occurring disorder.

Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

Not everyone who visits our drug addiction treatment center will enroll in an inpatient treatment program. Some individuals have certain life responsibilities preventing them from living on site, while others simply may not need that degree of intensity. In either case, The Woods at Parkside also offer programs at different levels of care to suit different needs.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is best suited for those whose home environments are sober and supportive. This is because IOP patients continue to spend a lot of their time away from our treatment facilities. They attend three-hour therapeutic sessions three times a week, allowing them to stay engaged with their communities outside of treatment.

Alternatively, our partial hospitalization program (PHP) strikes more of a balance between inpatient and outpatient treatment. For up to 21 days, PHP patients spend eight hours a day, seven days a week at the facility. However, they return home in the evenings, where they can reconnect with their families and celebrate every victory along the way.

Evidence-Based Treatment Options

No matter which program you choose at a drug addiction treatment center, you can expect to participate in valuable therapeutic activities. The main difference between the programs listed above involves how much time you spend exposed to such programming. Many of the individual activities themselves remain consistent across the different types of programs.

As such, the latest evidence-based treatment options utilized by our treatment programs include:

These treatment modalities allow our patients to pursue long-term recovery. By learning important life skills like emotional processing, open communication, and stress management, they can successfully overcome drug addiction and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Columbus, Ohio

The Woods at Parkside is an alcohol and drug addiction treatment center located in Gahanna, Ohio. We offer treatment to those battling substance use disorders, including those with co-occurring disorders like depression or anxiety.

If you’re ready to start healing from addiction, give us a call today. You can reach an admissions specialist by calling 419-452-4818 or filling out a confidential contact form on our website. Addiction may feel like an unbeatable foe right now, but with access to the right resources and plenty of support, you will be able to make a full recovery.

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