In the best-case scenarios, navigating health insurance and Medicare can be challenging. Many patients aren’t sure what drug rehab services are covered, or if/how Medicare covers detox. Thankfully, we are here as a resource for all of these questions and more.

In this article, we’ll explain whether or not Medicare covers detox and give you other important information that you should know.

How Does Medicare Cover Detox and Drug Rehab?

medicare-approved detox

If you have Medicare, then you probably know about the four parts: A, B, C, and D. Each part will cover different areas, but when you need an inpatient detox program covered, you will be using Medicare Part A, which covers hospital stays.

Before you can enter treatment, though, you will need a Medicare-approved healthcare provider to give you a referral to treatment. This process is generally simple, and only requires your provider to acknowledge that you need addiction treatment. Once Medicare has approved you for treatment, you will be clear to use Part A to cover inpatient treatment programs.

Medicare Part A covers inpatient rehabilitation for people with substance use disorders. Because detox is an inpatient program, your Medicare coverage will cover the cost for medical supervision during detox and drug rehab following detox, up to 60 days without a copay. Under Part A, covered services include:

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  • Diagnosis of and education about substance use disorders
  • Talk therapy and other addiction treatment options
  • Prescriptions designed to minimize withdrawal symptoms, like methadone or suboxone

Of course, from there, many patients will still need additional treatment. That’s why another part of Medicare, Part B, covers both outpatient addiction and co-occurring mental health services.

Through this plan, you can receive outpatient treatments and therapy following your detox and inpatient stay. However, if you need prescription drugs during your outpatient addiction treatment, then you will need Medicare Part D to cover them.

With all of this said, it’s important to remember that only some drug rehabs accept Medicare.

Can I Use My Medicare Benefits?

Even though you are covered by Medicare, they may not cover addiction treatment from your chosen provider. Before you enter into any detoxification program, speak with the treatment center about your options with private insurance and Medicare.

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